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Bileag Sònraichte Duilleag Sreath DYPS-P

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DYPS-P series crusher solves the problem of recycling wide PP/ABS/PMMA, sheet, plate and foamed coil with thickness between 0.2~3mm. Compared with ordinary crusher, a set of traction is added. The device adds two sets of pressure roll- ers, which are opened and closed by air pressure, and the linear speed can reach 30m/min, thus improving the work effi- ciency. The rotor is made of high-quality steel, verified by dynamic and static balance, and the "V"-shaped cutting tech- nology. Supporting material collection system and dust separation device can be provided according to customer require- ments, which is more convenient to use.


modailMeud Beul FeedRotor leud èifeachdachPrìomh chumhachd motairCumhachd Haul-offSpecies
DYPS-P1000960 × 300100037-454400
DYPS-P12001160 × 350120045-555.5500