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Pròifil Sreath DYPS-X / M / Crusher Sònraichte WPC

Cuir fios thugainn

Conventional crushers have certain difficulties in crushing plastics, profiles and wood-plastic profiles. Usually, larger crushing chambers are required to crush and recycle larger quantities of materials. For this reason, Dyun specially designed the DYPS-X series. The feeding hopper, which is almost parallel to the ground, makes feeding of longer materi- als extremely simple and convenient. Because the rotor of the machine can automatically grasp the material to-be-bro- ken, there is no material blockage.


modailFeed Mouth SizeRotor Effective WidthCumhachd MotairBlade RotorSpecies
DYPS-X300200 × 300300155300
DYPS-X600300 × 6006003515600
DYPS-M400240 × 4004002224350
DYPS-M600300 × 6006005536650