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HDPE Automotive Polymer Plate Extrusion line

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Shanghai Jwell supply advanced extrusion system, it is suitable to produce HMW-HDPE material which have low MFI and high-strength into plate, the plates are mainly used to produce auto carriage board, pick-up's box liner, cover of truck, anti-rain cover etc. The plate thickness can reduce more than 30% when it has same impact strength, it reduce the production cost for manufacturers. Plate thickness 2-12mm, width 2000-3000mm.

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modailJWS 130+JWS 70-2200JWS 180/35 x 2-2600
Bathar Leud2200mm2600mm
Bathar Tighead1.5-12mm1.5-12mm
Comas (Max.)1.5-12mm