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Loidhne cinneasachaidh aodach càr neo-fhaicsinneach TPU

Cuir fios thugainn

TPU invisible film is a new type of high-performance environmental protection film, which is widely used in automobile decoration maintenance industry. It is a common name of transparent paint protection film. It has strong toughness. After mounting, it can insulate the automobile paint surface from the air, and has high brightness for a long time. After subse- quent processing, the car coating film has scratch self-healing performance, and can protect the paint surface for a long time.

This production line adopts special design patent tape casting composite molding technology, special extrusion screw design for TPU aliphatic materials, equipped with automatic up and down release film unwinding device, on-line automatic adjustment and control of film thickness, full-automatic winding system and other advanced mature technologies in the industry, so as to realize the automatic and stable operation of the production line.

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Prìomh paramadair teignigeach

modailLeud toraidh (mm)Tiugh thoraidhean (mm)Comas (kg / h)
JWS 90/3216000.1-0.2150-200
JWS 120/3216000.1-0.2150-200